Human Capital

ProCTi has a Human Capital Management Consulting front. More than human resource specialists, they are business consultants who are able to execute corporate strategies through the main assets of organizations: people. 

Organizational transformation and talent
Services focused on managing strategic change and that involve adoption of technologies, development of leadership, management of culture and delivery of talent strategies.

Talent management: Helps organizations place the right people, with the necessary skills and competencies, in the correct positions, in order to achieve strategic objectives;

Culture: Aligns organizational actions, behaviors and systems so that the appropriate culture provides competitive advantages;

Leadership: Evaluates and develops leaders at all levels, as a way to leverage organizational strategies, preparing the company for the future;

Organizational structure: Redesigns organizational structures, hierarchical relations, decision scopes, roles and responsibilities;

Change management: Helps companies maximize the benefits related to organizational changes, driven by implementation of new technologies, redesign of processes and new ways to work;

Strategic change: Assists companies in maximizing the benefits related to organizational transformations, leveraged by new business models, mergers and acquisitions;

Sales force effectiveness: Conducts transformation of the sales force by means of strategies, personnel and innovative technological solutions.
HR Transformation
ProCTi provides consulting services and implementation of HR Transformation solutions, working to increase efficiency in the Human Resources area and the effectiveness of its services, leveraging business results by means of improvement in its operating models, processes and technologies.

Strategy and planning in HR transformation: Determines a vision for the HR area, its model for providing services and design of its processes;

HR shared services and outsourcing: Designs an HR operating model including choices related to outsourcing and shared HR services;

HR technology strategy and selection of suppliers: Determines the map and schedule for execution of HR technology implementations and provides assistance in selecting technology packages available in the market;

HR technologies: Implements market leading technology packages, including:

– HCM SAP – SuccessFactors

– HCM Oracle

– HCM Workday

– HCM Cornerstone

– HCM Cloud MAS

Workforce planning and analytics: Assists in planning and analysis of the workforce at all stages of the talent cycle;

eSocial: Conducts readiness diagnostics and implementation project so that organizations met the regulatory deadlines and requirements for sending information to government bodies.
Prepares remuneration plans and models to assist organizations in strategic management of their human capital.

Remuneration and benefits: Assists organizations by developing fixed (position and salary plans) and variable (bonus, profit sharing, commission, etc.) remuneration models, customized remuneration and benefits research to meet client needs.

Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring: Assist in due diligence projects by analyzing issues related to the workforce, supporting strategic decision making by organizations undergoing M&A processes.