Outsourcing services

ProCTi offers its clients the opportunity to prioritize their main activity by using outsourced services based on the concept of “Business Process Solutions” (BPS). It provides all support activities, from accounting to financial and personnel administration.

This range of solutions is fully integrated with ProCTi’s other business areas.


Corporate accounting;

Cost calculations and inventory control;

Fixed asset control;

International accounting: U.S. GAAP and IFRS;

Managerial reports and analyses to meet the needs of each client;

Processing in different types of ERPs, such as Oracle, SAP and Totvs.


Receiving procedure;

Processing of sales and use tax;

Tax calculation and tax credit management;

Preparation, cross-checking and electronic submission of tax obligations and other tax control requirements;

Managerial reports and analyses to meet the needs of each client.



Control and processing of accounts receivable and accounts payable;

Bank interaction, bank conciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable and settlement of client and supplier balances;

Calculation of taxes on foreign remittances and review of taxes withheld;

Cash flow and bank control.


ProCTi offers payroll staff and services that can help companies to improve the efficiency of traditionally complex and laborious tasks.

Providing a strategic and technological perspective can help align a company’s practices and policies with the corporate vision, open new channels of communication, improve processes and manage costs.

Start-up Solutions

Support for companies beginning operations in Brazil:

An outsourcing solution for companies beginning operations in the country allowing executives to focus on the main business activities and thus ensuring full compliance with Brazilian legal requirements;

Outsourcing of financial, accounting, tax and payroll processes, by using an Oracle E-business suite, SAP Business One, SYNCHRO and ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system.

Tax compliance

Outsourcing of the tax area with the support of systems, tools, processes, background and personnel of ProCTi’s Outsourcing and Tax Consulting areas to provide the client with greater efficiency in processing tax compliance.

ProCTi’s tax compliance methodology offers companies an efficient way to deal with tax obligation compliance and workload, and meet deadlines.

The solutions:

System implementation at client facilities with a fiscal, tax and help desk solution, combined with provision of services;

A ProCTi tax software processing option integrated with the client’s ERP.

Business Support On Demand

The dynamism of the business and corporate environments, strict control of headcount, the need to rely on internal controls and the complexity of the current national tax system result in companies facing serious difficulties meeting internal and external needs, mainly with regard to seasonal needs.

With a team of properly trained professionals, ProCTi offers the following special solutions that meet the time and complexity needs of each client:

Accounting, tax, labor and social security reprocessing;

Generation and revision of tax obligations, such as ECD, ECF, EFD ICMS, and EFD Contributions, etc.;

Support for implementation of large scale ERPs (Oracle, SAP e Totvs);

Loan Staff: allocation of professionals on a temporary basis for occasional needs, skilled in the accounting, tax, financial and human resources areas.