Data Analytics​

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse: Implementation of data models (ODS, EDW, DM), ETL tools, report tools (OLAP, ROLAP, DOLAP, etc.), dashboard, metadata tools, administration and management of the decision-making environment;

Enterprise Performance Management: Implementation of budgeting and planning and Balanced Scorecard tools in order to optimize corporate management;

Master Data Management: Mapping, synchronous and asynchronous integration of master registers and creation of information governance, as well as migration of registers to this solution in order to maintain the integrity of registration data necessary for business operation;

Enterprise Content Management: Implementation of content management tools that allow companies to use non-structured information. The sub-solutions are workflow, electronic document management and knowledge management solutions;

Enterprise Search: Tools that facilitate access to the entire company information asset, using sophisticated indexing algorithms based on advanced linguistics, allowing a user to find the answer to his/her needs in a user-friendly manner;

Data Quality: Implementation of data cleaning tools and technological tools for storing data in a secure and structured manner that is suitable to company needs;

Information management: For all the above items there will always be a need for companies to implement tools to support information governance, information lifecycle and adequate security with information access levels, among other factors.
data Analytics