Technological solutions for outsourcing

ProCTi offers the market its expertise in diagnosing and implementing tax systems and tools to prepare clients for proper preparation and validation of the various tax obligations and demands related to foreign trade.

Tax Systems and Tools and Foreign Trade

Implementation and standardization of tax systems and tools, and foreign trade

ProCTi solutions in this area include:

Implementation to help companies manage obligations;

A.M.S.: Level 1 and 2 technical support, ensuring continuity of company operations;

Loan Staff: allocation of specialized resources for operation, under client supervision.

Tax Systems and Tools and Foreign Trade:

Tax Scan;

Sped Analyzer;

Siscomex Extractor;

Workflow Manager;

New TPS;

CAT 17/99 and CAT 158/15.

SaaS Applications Management

Use of ProCTi partner software licenses (leased) for business management. This model allows the client to use quality tools without the need for significant investment (financial, as well as in terms of personnel and time).

SaaS ERP (Oracle e SAP): ProCTi makes the SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP available, fully customized for the Brazilian reality, encompassing, in addition to accounting and financial modules, purchasing, sales and billing, inventory control and other modules.

These solutions minimize investments in technology, ensuring a better cost-benefit ratio.

Saas: a payroll, benefits and electronic employee assistance system duly standardized to meet Brazilian legal complexity and the HR solutions portal, with technological support and certification.