Solutions for the excellence of company’s processes

ProCTi offers payroll staff and services that can help improve companies’ efficiency with regard to traditionally complex and laborious tasks.

Providing a strategic and technological perspective can help align company’s practices and policies with the corporate vision, open new channels of communication, improve processes and manage costs.

Payroll management

Personnel administration;

Payroll processing, accounting and consolidation of salaries and social charges;

Documentation and registration of personnel, and compliance with legal requirements;

Entries and activities;

Generation of calculations and tax payment forms – employee and company;

Legal Knowledge Management – ACTs and CCTs;

Administration of electronic employee assistance;
Web and mobile self-service portal for HR, managers and employees;

Generation of legal reports and support;


Support for labor force and human resources

Employee assistance support;
Cell assistance model (dedicated analyst);

Execution of local services at client’s facilities – OSS (onsite support);

Human resources data integration for generation of customized managerial reports;

Support for internal and external audits, as well as inspections.

Payroll system support

System maintenance and update;

Development and analysis of enquiries and reports;

Technical assistance and support for payroll system users;

Customization and configuration of the payroll system.

Administration of benefits

Management of diverse benefit regimes and policies;

Purchase of benefits from suppliers specified by the company;

Generation of activity reports for non-legal benefit suppliers (for example: medical and dental plans).

Implementation Support

Standard Implementation Procedure (SIP);

Project management;

Mapping and improvement of processes and implementation of best practices;

Development and administration of payroll procedures and processes training;

Supply and update of user manuals and other reference material for the payroll system.

eSocial – Support for consolidation of labor data

eSocial is a federal government initiative designed to unify the submission and management of labor information. To meet the standard, all information must be consistent and updated, so that the company is not exposed to risks. Learn about ProCTi’s solutions for eSocial:

Analysis of system compliance with Federal Revenue system requirements;

Analysis of compliance with labor and social security requirements;

Data adjustment;

Review of internal personnel administration processes and policies;

HR structure and governance;

Implementation roadmap;


Technology solutions – SaaS

As a strategy for companies that intend to use state-of-the-art tools, ProCTi offers its clients the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that consists of a leased company management system (ERP).

ProCTi’s Saas is endorsed by its recognized expertise in system implementation and operation of administrative activities.


A payroll, benefits and electronic employee assistance system duly standardized to meet Brazilian legal complexity;

A human resources solutions portal with technological support and certification.

Business Support On Demand

The current dynamism of the business and corporate environments, strict control of headcount and the need to rely on internal controls result in companies facing major challenges meeting internal and external needs.

With a team of professionals dedicated to meeting the demands of companies’ administrative and financial areas, ProCTi offers solutions that meet the time and complexity needs of each client.

Loan Staff

Allocation of skilled professionals on a temporary basis for occasional needs in the payroll area.

Special services

Payroll conciliation;

Compliance with labor and social security obligations;

Payroll reprocessing.